Saturday, September 3, 2011

Dickeypedia Word of The Week: Hyperbole

Greetings, Mets fans!  It's time for another edition of the Dickeypedia Word of the Week, which is a misnomer since this is not really a weekly piece.  But it did give me the opportunity to use the word "misnomer" in a sentence.

For those of you new to this non-weekly segment, we use a quote by Mets' knuckleballer extraordinaire R.A. Dickey, define one of the words used in the quote, then have a former Met use that word in a sentence.  Of course, the former Met is usually someone who wasn't very popular with the fans or had a lexicon comparable to one used by the Incredible Hulk.

Last night, the Mets defeated the Washington Nationals by the final score of 7-3.  Our hero (no, I'm not talking about the Incredible Hulk) pitched six innings, allowing three runs on nine hits to pick up his second consecutive victory.  The win came on only three days rest, as Dickey started for the Mets on Monday during the doubleheader sweep of the Florida Marlins.

After the game, R.A. was giving his usual post-game interview, when he spit out this verbal nugget:

"It's not hyperbole to say that my knuckleball was putrid.  I had to find a way to eat up innings and keep us in it."

Forget about the fact that Dickey used the word "putrid" in a sentence, although that is also a word not usually uttered by a professional athlete in a sentence (unless if they're referring to what the bathroom smells like after Angel Pagan uses it, but that's another story).  He also used the word "hyperbole", which caused us to reach for our Dickeypedia for the definition:

  • 1. obvious and intentional exaggeration.
  • 2. an extravagant statement or figure of speech not intended to be taken literally.

Even with the definition, some people still might have a tough time ascertaining what a hyperbole truly is.  Therefore, we found former Met and business expert Lenny Dykstra.  Although Dykstra has been in the news recently for many reasons, he is still quite excited about two things: the upcoming college football season and the privilege to appear in a Dickeypedia piece.

When we e-mailed Lenny to ask him if he would use the word "hyperbole" in a sentence for those who were confused by its actual definition, he was more than happy to oblige our request and share a little of his college football knowledge with us.  Take it away, Lenny!

"Last year, there were many high-scoring bowl games.  For example, Tulsa beat Hawaii 62-35 in the Sheraton Hawaii Bowl.  Also, Texas Tech edged Northwestern 45-38 in the TicketCity Bowl.  I think if the NCAA really wanted to give the fans something they'd enjoy, they would take the winners of the highest scoring bowl games and have them play on an Arena League field.  They'd each score 100 points easily!  And what would the NCAA call this game?  Why, the Hyper Bole, of course.  Now give me some more Twizzlers.  I'm starving!"

There you have it, Mets fans and vocabulary enthusiasts.  Straight from the mouth of Nails himself, yet another reason why you should stay in school.

R.A. Dickey stayed in school, and he translated his education into a schooling of major league hitters while performing his craft on the mound.  Lenny Dykstra?  Not so much.  But there is one thing we've learned from this exercise.

It wouldn't be hyperbole to say that Lenny isn't very good at anything anymore, including his master plan to improve the college football bowl season.  Like R.A. Dickey's knuckleball against the Nationals last night, Dykstra's pretty putrid at anything he gets himself into these days.  At least Dickey emerged victorious last night.  Too bad we can't say the same thing about Lenny Dykstra.

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