Saturday, November 26, 2011

Song Parody: The Reyes Connection

Greetings, Mets fans!  We hope you're enjoying your long Thanksgiving weekend, even with the lack of Mets news.  The cast and crew of Studious Metsimus has been enjoying their Thanksgiving weekend.  We attended the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade on Thursday morning and followed that up by catching a matinee showing of The Muppets.

While sitting through the endless amount of previews and the Toy Story short film, I couldn't help but think of the ongoing Jose Reyes contract situation.  I wasn't just thinking about whether or not the Mets should re-sign him, but why fans love him so much.

As I was daydreaming about this topic, the film finally started (approximately 25 minutes after the scheduled starting time - there must have been a rain delay in the projection booth) and the first song was sung.  Of course, at that point my thoughts of Reyes started to take melodic form and a song parody was born.

Unfortunately, a scheduling conflict with Kermit the Frog (and his demand for lots of cash - I don't understand his obsession with having as much green as possible) denied us the opportunity to have him sing this song parody for you.  For now, you'll have to use your imagination as I give you a parody of Kermit's famous song, "The Rainbow Connection".  Here is the Studious Metsimus version, entitled "The Reyes Connection" (followed by a clip of the original version of the song as seen in The Muppet Movie).  Enjoy!

Why are there so many thoughts about Reyes
On whether or not he'll sign?
Mets fans have visions
But they're all illusions
If Reyes waves us goodbye

So we've been warned about him truly leaving
I hope they're wrong; we'll just see

Sandy should buy into
The Reyes Connection
The shortstop, the fanbase and me

If Alderson heard my wish
I'd expect an answer
That he'd re-sign our All-Star
Wish he had thought of that
And that he believed it
So Reyes wouldn't play so far

Jose's Amazin'
He keeps Mets fans praisin'
That's what Reyes does to me

Sandy should buy into
The Reyes Connection
The shortstop, the fanbase and me

All Mets fans under his spell
We know Jose Reyes is magic

Have the Mets been asleep
To the Marlins' voices
I've heard them courting Jose
It was a sweet sound
That followed three-base hits
He'd run to the Hall of Fame

I've heard the cheers; Jose just can't ignore 'em
Citi Field's where he should be

I'll always buy into
The Reyes Connection
The shortstop, the fanbase and me


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