Friday, December 23, 2011

Yes, Joey Beartran, There Is A Sandy Claus!

It's the holiday season, a time for giving and good cheer.  It's also a time when children send their annual letters to Sandy Claus, asking him for anything and everything they can think of.  I had never thought of becoming one of these letter writers, mainly because I had better things to do with my time, like visiting baseball stadiums from sea to shining sea.

Recently, I gave in and finally sent a letter to Sandy Claus, not really expecting to get a response.  However, a few days after I mailed out the letter, a mysterious package arrived at my cubby hole (see photo below).

Could it be a gift from Sandy Claus?

I remembered in my letter, I asked Sandy Claus for a healthy and productive season from Johan Santana.  I also wanted Jason Bay and pretty much the whole team to take advantage of the lowered and moved-in fences at Citi Field.  In addition to that, I asked for R.A. Dickey to get more run support and for the top pitching prospects to stay in the minor leagues until they were ready to face major league hitters.

I didn't think any of those things I asked for could fit in a box, but one of the other things I asked for was a set of Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots.  However, I did specifically say I didn't mean it literally.  I'm sure those fighting robots can be lots of fun (especially if someone spikes my chicken nachos first), but I was using them as a metaphor.  What I really wanted was for the Mets to not back down from a challenge and to show some fight in them.  That, of course, could also not be squeezed into a box.

Then I remembered my last wish in my letter to Sandy Claus.  I asked for a box of chocolates.  Could that be what was in the package?  My parcel was shaped like a box and chocolates could fit in there easier than R.A. Dickey's run support or Jason Bay's power stroke.

Without wasting another second, I carefully ripped open the box with my paws and found its contents to be even better than what I expected.

Life is like a box of chocolates.  Or in this case, a GKR mug full of chocolates.

The package was indeed full of chocolates.  But it wasn't just any chocolates.  They were Ferrero Rocher chocolates!  And they didn't just come in any old box.  They came in a Gary, Keith & Ron mug!

For so long, I had made fun of all those kids who wrote letters to Sandy Claus.  I never thought any of them ever received what they asked for.  But my mind has now been changed forever.  I'm Joey Beartran and I now have my proof that there is a Sandy Claus.

As I said earlier, the holidays are a time for giving and good cheer.  Sandy Claus gave me a GKR mug full of delicious chocolates and as a result, I ended up with all the good cheer I could handle.  This holiday season, I hope all of you give of yourselves and spread good cheer to those you love (and even those you don't - like Yankees and Phillies fans).

One way to give good cheer to those less fortunate is by making a donation to a good cause.  Perhaps you have a cause you'd like to get involved with.  If you don't, might I suggest the cause championed by the gentlemen on the chocolate-filled mug above?  I can't guarantee that you'll get a mug full of decadent confectioneries for your generosity, but I can guarantee that when you pitch in for a good cause, someone in need will receive holiday cheer because of you.  Isn't that what the holiday season is all about?

Now if you'll excuse me, I have some chocolates calling my name.  I can't leave them waiting, can I?  From me (Joey Beartran) and my colleague (Ed Leyro), we'd like to wish you and yours a very happy and healthy holiday season!  Be good to each other and never stop believing!

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RIch S said...

You got the chocolates without the creepy experience having having to sit on Santa's lap! Great stuff and you're right, it is a great cause. I'm glad I became involved with GKR. I've purchased and gifted many of their items, and this year I hope to attend an event at Citi. The true spirit of the season, helping those less fortunate. Well done, Joey!