Sunday, December 23, 2012

We May See R.A. Dickey Again Sooner Than We Think

Mets fans have expressed their love for R.A. Dickey since the news of his trade to Toronto broke last week.  Although fans understand the business aspect of the game, which dictated that Dickey should be traded while his value was at its highest, it was still difficult to see such a beloved member of the team go.

Those same fans have taken to Twitter, with many of them wishing Dickey the best of luck in Toronto and hoping he wins the 2013 A.L. Cy Young Award.  But for all those fans lamenting the fact that they might not see Dickey on the field again, especially since the Mets played Toronto in 2012 and are not scheduled to play them in 2013, you may get to see him sooner than you think.

Since his renaissance as a major league pitcher began in 2010 with the Mets, Dickey is 7-0 with a 1.77 ERA against American League opponents.  Who will he facing the most as a member of the Toronto Blue Jays?  American League opponents!  So if he continues his dominance over the junior circuit, it would seem to make sense that he'd represent his new league in the 2013 All-Star Game.  And where is that All-Star Game being played?

This patch may be on R.A. Dickey's All-Star Game jersey this coming July.

R.A. Dickey was denied the start in this year's Midsummer Classic by National League manager Tony La Russa.  But if Dickey continues to pitch like he did in 2012, would Jim Leyland dare deny Dickey of the start in the 2013 All-Star Game in front of the sellout Citi Field crowd?

Imagine the outpouring of love for Dickey during the pre-game introduction.  Can you hear the roar of the crowd when he takes the mound on July 16?  It could happen.  And if Dickey continues to mow down American League lineups like he has since 2010, it should happen.

You don't have to make any special trips to Toronto or - heaven forbid - the House That Juice Built in the Bronx to see R.A. Dickey pitch in 2013.  If all goes well, you may end up seeing Dickey at the park he called home for the past three seasons this coming July.  The ovation he received after his 20th victory last September will pale in comparison to the one he'd get at next year's All-Star Game.


DyHrdMET said...

I'll see that, and raise you some hardware...

if you look at the schedule, the Blue Jays (with Dickey and Reyes) are playing in the Bronx in late April, and the Mets are home that same weekend. I can certainly see a case where (with the cooperation of the Blue Jays, Mets, and MLB), Dickey is allowed to leave his Toronto teammates for at least a couple hours and venture over to Queens to receive his N.L. Cy Young award in front of the Shea Faithful. I can't imagine it would be set up well in advance until they know what game he might be pitching in for that Jays-Yanks series (and then pick the best "off" day of his). But I see that as the most likely curtain call for Dickey at Citi Field (if MLB is smart enough to think of it).

Ed Leyro (and Joey Beartran) said...

I like you calling us the Shea Faithful. Citi Field Faithful doesn't have quite the same ring.

I'm wondering how other teams who lost their Cy Young Award winners during that off-season have handled the hardware exchange situation.