Friday, October 18, 2013

WOR Inside My Head

As you may have heard, the Mets have severed ties with WFAN, the station that has carried the team's games since its birth on the radio in 1987.  Now, after a month of speculation, it appears the Mets' radio home for 2014 and beyond will be WOR (710 on your AM dial).

According to the Daily News' Bob Raissman, Clear Channel Media (which owns WOR) will select the broadcasters for Mets games, but Howie Rose is slated to return to do play-by-play.  Broadcast partner Josh Lewin is likely to return on a short contract, while Ed Coleman's fate is unclear.

I'm upset that the Mets will be leaving WFAN after calling the station home for over a quarter century.  When I was in high school, I would hide a Walkman under my pillow with the dial set to 660 so I could listen to West Coast games as my parents were fooled into thinking that I was sleeping.  Setting the dial to 710 while I try to do the same to my wife next season will just not be the same.  Never mind that my wife would be approximately six inches away from me and my Walkman.  And also never mind that I still use a Walkman.

There will be a WOR inside our heads next year.  And if everything goes as I would like, the same outstanding broadcast team from 2013 will return to appease the fans in 2014, even if they're not doing that appeasing on the FAN.

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