Sunday, March 29, 2015

A Very Special Scott Atchison Birthday Post

Scott Atchison is ready for his Geritol break.

Last year, the good folks at The Daily Stache produced a plethora of laughs with the site's daily #MetsTwitterRecap posts.  The concept was simple.  Take the best tweets from Mets fans about that day's game and string them together to give the readers a unique recap that didn't try to be politically correct and was occasionally NSFW.

The unoriginal folks at Studious Metsimus (that would be me) have decided to celebrate those posts while celebrating something else.  You see, today is the 39th birthday of one-time Mets pitcher and current Cleveland Indians reliever Scott Atchison, a man who looks old enough to be his own father.

And it's because of the "old man" jokes that Atchison is most remembered by Mets fans, Indians fans, even Mariners fans who remember that Atchison made his major league debut with Seattle.  (That would be the Seattle Mariners, not the Seattle Pilots.)

In honor of Rip Van Winkle's birthday, we've taken the best tweets from fans and put them together to show our favorite birthday boy just how appreciative we are that he's been with us for all these centuries.  Thanks again to the Daily Stache for inspiring this piece and to Scott Atchison for being the Abe Vigoda of the baseball world.  Enjoy!

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