Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Flying Molina Brothers Stick It To The Mets Again!

Look! Up in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! No...it's those dang Flying Molina Brothers! Apparently, they've stuck it to the Mets once again. This time, it's Bengie's turn. The Giants' catcher chose to re-sign with San Francisco rather than come to the Mets.

After much speculation that Funky Cold Molina was going to be the Mets catcher in 2010, he chose to sign a one-year deal to remain in San Francisco with Kung Fu Panda and the Band. The deal is believed to be for $4.5 million, even though the Mets had offered more money and a second year option.

This is not the first time those Meddling Molina Boys have taken a hot poker and shoved it into the hearts of Mets fans.

If you recall, the youngest of the Flying Molina Brothers (Yadier) hit the go-ahead home run against Aaron F. Heilman in the ninth inning of Game 7 of the 2006 NLCS, while middle brother Jose took his expert skills in backup catching and translated it into a World Series ring for the Yankees in 2009.

So why do Los Hermanos Molina always like to stick it to the Mets? Studious Metsimus has a theory about it.

Bengie, Jose and Yadier Molina are all catchers. They're all considered to be good to exceptional defensive catchers with above-average throwing arms. That's six arms to make enemies of opposing players.

Long-time Spider-Man villain Dr. Octopus has six arms (two human arms and four mechanical appendages that resemble arms). Who played Dr. Octopus in the recent Spider-Man 2 movie? None other than acclaimed actor Alfred Molina. You heard me right. The six-armed villain was named MOLINA!

Is it possible that the Flying Molina Brothers have a mentor/father figure in Alfred Molina? After all, Peter Parker/Spider-Man is from Queens and so are the Mets.

Are Bengie, Jose and Yadier Molina trying to stick it to the Mets in some twisted homage to the British actor? Are they even aware that Alfred Molina is British?

Bengie Molina will not be a New York Met in 2010. Yadier Molina will forever be around to remind Mets fans as to why they will always despise Aaron F. Heilman. Jose Molina will be able to shine his 2009 World Series ring in the Yankee dugout during those 100+ games that he sits on the bench.

The Flying Molina Brothers. As long as they are in opposing uniforms, they will always try to find a way to ruin the days and nights for Mets fans. It's time to take them down. Who's with me? Excelsior!


Solly said...

Let Bengie go back to SF. Why do the Mets need a 35-yr-old catcher who's slower than Rusty Staub? I'd rather Omar make a run at Sheets and/or Pineiro.

Ed Leyro (and Joey) said...

My Ben Sheets blog is coming tomorrow! Unfortunately, I'm going to fudge it up and somehow connect Ben Sheets to the cast of "Growing Pains".

Hey, if I could connect your fav'rit Rusty Staub race partner to a Spider-Man villain, why can't I connect Ben Sheets to Alan Thicke, Kirk Cameron, etc.?

Rainiedazze said...

Doc Ock is my favorite Spidey villain, however your conspiracy theory may have me leaning back to the Green Goblin now... damn the Molinas! We dont need no stinkin' Molina brother, I'd rather rely on Omiracle than look at one of those boys!

Joe D. said...

This was hilarious! Those dastardly Molina brothers never cease to amaze me with their dirty deeds done dirt cheap.

Denise said...

Great job Ed! One of my fav'rit blogs by you so far!!! I was disappointed when it ended (kinda like a good movie...you want more!)