Sunday, February 28, 2010

Studious Metsimus Survey: New Food Stand Suggestions For Citi Field

Last year, Mets fans raved about all the new food items served at Citi Field. It might have been the only thing worth celebrating at Citi Field in 2009 (other than the reunion of the 1969 World Championship team on August 22). From Shake Shack to Box Frites to Blue Smoke to the various chicken nacho stands (a Studious Metsimus favorite), Citi Field's food choices were a huge upgrade from the fare at Shea Stadium.

However, just like with other things at Citi Field, there is very little mention of Mets history when it comes to food. Baltimore's Camden Yards has Boog's BBQ (named after former Orioles' great Boog Powell). Philadelphia's Citizens Bank Park has numerous references to Phillies' legends, such as Bull's BBQ (after Greg "The Bull" Luzinski) and Harry The K's Broadcast Bar and Grille (after the late Harry Kalas).

What do the Mets have? Nothing. Not even a mention of Mets great and restaurateur Rusty Staub or a Tom Seaver winery. Staub would make the most sense to have an eatery named after him at Citi Field. How can the Mets not have a Rusty's Ribs at the ballpark, especially when similar establishments have popped up in Baltimore and Philly?

Therefore, Studious Metsimus would like to conduct a survey. Which eateries should the Mets open up at Citi Field? Be creative and be demonstrative when letting your feelings known. There's got to be a boyfriend of a third cousin's aunt's stepdaughter of a Mets employee reading this. Maybe word will get out and we'll be heard. Or maybe we'll just make ourselves hungry and order some takeout. Have fun with it!

(Here are some suggestions by the Studious Metsimus staff, followed by explanations):

Santana's Smoothies (because 'Han the Man is just soooo smooth)

Angel Food Cake (for Angel Pagan...this could be the main item in the Cake Shack that Studious Metsimus co-blogger Joey wants established.)

Castillo's Quesadillas (and they have to be big enough so that they have to be eaten with TWO HANDS!)

Bobby O's Chicken Fingers (in honor of the infamous hedge clipping accident where Bobby Ojeda severed the tip of his middle finger, fans would be served four and a half chicken fingers per serving.)

Strawberry's Daiquiris (for the lovely ladies in the hizzouse)

Anthony Young's 27 Wonderful Flavors (27 flavors of ice cream to commemorate AY's record-setting 27 consecutive losses)

Turk Wendell's Butcher Shop (with Mr. Wendell himself providing the meat!)

Sid And Benny's Hawaiian Pizza (for the two most famous #50s in Mets history...sorry, Sean Green.)

Koosman's Pub (where 36 beers are on tap, all served with their own Koos-ie)

Ed Charles' Burgers (home of the soon-to-be world-famous Glider's Sliders)

Mazzilli's Fusilli (for the pasta lovers in all of us)

Studious Metsimus can come up with at least one thousand nine hundred and eighty six more suggestions, but we'd like to turn it over to the fans now. Which food/beverage stands would you like to see at Citi Field? (Please, no Brooklyn Dodger references in your suggestions. We already have enough of those.) Enjoy!


Coop said...

I think there should be a Darryl Strawberry Sundae -- they had a giveaway in 1984, and that was the first year I started going to games. I was upset that I didn't go to that one...I loved Carvel strawberry sundaes

slgc said...

How about Shinjo's Sushi?

Or Benny's Agbayanihana?

Bear Man said...

Love Shinjo's Sushi. Regarding the name for Benny's Hibachi Restaurant, all I have to say about that is "Gesundheit"!