Saturday, March 6, 2010

Jerry Manuel To Jenrry Manuel: "Mejia Love You Long Time"

Jenrry Mejia is among the top prospects in the Mets organization, but if you hear Jerry Manuel and Dan Warthen speak, you'd think Mejia was going to be the fifth Beatle, adding his name to the Fab Four who will be inducted to the Mets Hall of Fame on August 1.

According to Mike Puma in the New York Post, Jerry Manuel was so impressed with his boy's pitching performance on Friday (Did you know Jenrry Mejia's full name is JENRRY MANUEL MEJIA? I kid you not.) that he was considering the 20-year-old Mejia as a potential reliever for the Mets when they break camp in four weeks. This comes on the heels of Papa Manuel's announcement last week that Junior's cutter reminded him of the one thrown by Mariano Rivera.

Pitching coach Dan Warthen also claimed that "it moved" (and he wasn't referring to Mejia's cutter; you figure it out.) when he witnessed Mejia's 2 1/3 inning performance in which the young hurler struck out four batters while not giving up any hits. On, Tara Sullivan reported that Warthen was comparing Mejia to a young Doc Gooden and called him "a major league pitcher today."

I have two words to say about the comments made by Manuel and Warthen and those two words are...


Mejia pitched well on Friday, but how many established major leaguers did he face? Hanley Ramirez did not play for the Marlins, but no-names like Michael Stanton, Brett Hayes and Danny Richar did. Apparently, this was enough for the proud papa to say that Mejia might be good enough to bypass AAA and go straight to Citi Field.

And to pitching coach Dan Warthen, the man who "coached" the Mets to their next-to-last finish in walks allowed, here are the stats for Dwight Gooden in his final year in the minor leagues: 19-4 won-loss record, 2.50 ERA, 300 Ks in 191 innings.

What did Jenrry Mejia do last season in the minor leagues? How about a 4-6 won-loss record with a 3.14 ERA and 91 Ks in 94.2 innings. But apparently, visions of Doctor K are what Warthen sees.

Jenrry Manuel Mejia is a very good pitcher. He appears to be on track to be a starting pitcher in the major leagues at some point. But he is not a major league pitcher right now. Even if he continues to blow away career minor leaguers in Grapefruit League games, he should be a Buffalo Bison in April, not a New York Met.

It's too bad Manuel and Warthen have gone sweet for Oh Jenrry. If they get their wish to have Mejia on the major league roster come April, his development could go sour.


Coop said...

Like, OMG, IDK what I was gonna write here, LOL. Oh wait yeah about Doc. You know I was the biggest Doc fangirl in the mid-80s, and I totally agree. Those pitchers are few and far between and General Manuel and Private Warthen are determined to run our futures into the ground as fans looking forward to Mejia's rise. F**K Manuel with a rusty nail, and as always, Coop for GM

Sollywood said...

Two of my favorite phrases - thanks Coop!