Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Gary, Keith & Ron: Always Ready To Pitch In For A Good Cause

In the broadcast booth or on the field, Gary Cohen, Keith Hernandez and Ron Darling were and still are Mets legends. For years, they've been a part of the Mets community. Now they're pitching in to help a community that's less fortunate.

Gary, Keith & Ron (as part of the Pitch In For A Good Cause Foundation) will be supporting the Nourishing Kitchen of NYC in 2010.

For those of you who do not know about the Nourishing Kitchen of NYC, it is a non-profit food program for all residents of New York City. Nutritious meals and educational programs are given to anyone seeking nourishment, regardless of age, sex, religion or financial status.

Whether a person is in need of a hot meal or a course where he or she can learn how to prepare that nutritious meal, the Nourishing Kitchen of NYC will be there to provide for them.

Pitch In For A Good Cause (sometimes known as Gary, Keith and Ron) will be hosting events at Citi Field to raise money for the Nourishing Kitchen of NYC. In addition to these fun events, GKR sells attractive products that Mets fans (both human and a certain Mets bear blogger) will love while helping a worthy cause.

Studious Metsimus correspondent/supermodel Joey Beartran has already supported the cause. (That's Joey in the photo below modeling a shirt that he borrowed from one of the GKR bears up for sale here.)
Why don't you pitch in for a good cause as well? Help a less fortunate member of your community by making a generous donation to help the Nourishing Kitchen of NYC. You'll help provide a hot meal to the hungry and classes for those who want to learn how to eat healthier.

Gary, Keith & Ron help paint a colorful picture during Mets telecasts. Let's help them do the same for the less fortunate. Together we can all hit a home run for New York!

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