Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Studious Metsimus Jinx Is Alive And Well

Back In January, Studious Metsimus proclaimed that the Mets should sign Ben Sheets and made a reference to his son, Seaver. That post mentioned how Omar Minaya would assume that the little Sheet was named after Tom Seaver, without considering that perhaps Ben Sheets was a fan of the Seaver Family on the show "Growing Pains". There was also a comparison between Omar Minaya and Boner, a dimwitted character on "Growing Pains". Since then, the Mets failed to sign Ben Sheets and Andrew Koenig (the actor who played Boner) passed away.

Last week, there was a piece on Studious Metsimus called "To Avoid Repeating History, Mets Shouldn't Dropkick Murphy". Yesterday, it was revealed that Daniel Murphy will miss two to six weeks with a Grade 1 sprained MCL. Apparently, history has repeated itself (injuries) and the Mets will have to go with another first baseman.

There appears to be a Studious Metsimus Jinx similar to the one that affects players and teams that appear on the cover of Sports Illustrated. Remember last year when Sports Illustrated predicted that the Mets would win the World Series? Well that didn't exactly happen. Not only that, but SI predicted that the Mets would finish with a 92-70 record. Instead, they finished 70-92.

Since there is clearly a hex surrounding people, places and Boners who are mentioned on Studious Metsimus, I'd like to spend the rest of this blog praising the Philadelphia Phillies.

The Phillies are attempting to become the first National League team since the 1942-44 St. Louis Cardinals to win three consecutive National League pennants. With the addition of ace pitcher Roy Halladay, who's going to stop them? Jimmy Rollins doesn't even have to open his mouth. Everyone already knows the Phillies are the team to beat.

Manager Charlie Manuel slimmed down during the off-season. He claimed to do it for his health, but we all know why he really did it. It's because a staff fronted by soon-to-be Cy Young Award winner Halladay, followed by Cole Hamels, Joe Blanton, J.A. Happ and ageless wonder Jamie Moyer will require very few visits to the mound. Manuel certainly wasn't going to lose weight that way.

Last season, the Phillies finished at or near the top of the National League in most offensive categories. They hit more home runs with men on base (96) than the Mets hit home runs (95). Clearly, the Phillies are a juggernaut that cannot be stopped.

The Mets and the rest of the National League might as well raise the white flag now. The Phillies are clearly the team to beat and nothing will get in their way.

On that note, the Studious Metsimus staff would like to wish you all a Happy April Phools...uh...Happy April Fools Day! Perhaps this Studious Metsimus Jinx can be good for something!

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