Monday, March 26, 2012

Don't Be Nosy; Beltran Pays Niese's Rhinoplasty Bill

Last July, before Carlos Beltran was traded by the Mets to San Francisco, he suggested to Jonathon Niese that he should so something about his proboscis.  Beltran went so far as to offer to pay for the procedure, which Niese underwent in October.

After months of speculation on whether or not the former Met kept his promise, it appears as if Carlos Beltran has put the "pro" in proboscis.

Today it was revealed that Beltran did indeed foot the bill for Niese's rhinoplasty procedure, a bill that cost the new Cardinals' rightfielder $10,000, or approximately one-eighth of what Beltran is due to earn per game in 2012.

The procedure, which was originally supposed to be for cosmetic reasons, ended up helping Niese tremendously, as the Mets' lefty was able to breathe easier, allowing him to focus on cardiovascular exercises during the offseason.  These exercises helped Niese come to training camp 10 pounds lighter.

I can't speak (or smell) for Niese, but his control has been impeccable this spring.  Is his improved schnoz responsible for his 13 to 1 strikeout to walk ratio in Grapefruit League action?  Can he continue this pace during the regular season?

We won't know until the season starts on April 5, but one thing's for sure.  Jonathon Niese is healthier and stronger this spring.  He also has $10,000 more in his bank account because his former teammate agreed to keep his promise.  For all those who wondered whether Carlos Beltran would stay true to his word, you can stop being nosy.  We can all breathe easier now that Niese's bill has been paid.


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