Sunday, April 29, 2012

Mets Weekly Is Must-See TV This Week Because...

So do you have any plans after watching the Mets play the Rockies this coming Sunday?  No?  Well, I have a suggestion for what you could do.

After the Mets finally score a run for Johan Santana (they'd better - they're at Coors Field, for Mookie's sake!) and take the rubber match from the Rockies, and after Chris Carlin and Bobby Ojeda do the Mets post-game show, SNY will air the latest episode of Mets Weekly.  You should watch Mets Weekly this week.  No, really, you should.  Why should you?  Perhaps this teaser commercial will show you why I'm so adamant about you watching it.

That's right, Mets fans!  That guy getting a knuckleball lesson from R.A. Dickey is none other than yours truly.  As of this writing, I have not seen the full episode, so I can't tell you much about it.  However, I will give you a non-spoiler.  If the Mets Weekly crew filmed what I'm hoping they filmed of my knuckleball lesson with the Mets' hurler and author, you will be impressed by both Dickey's knuckleball and mine.

The approximate start time for this week's edition of Mets Weekly is 6:30 PM.  Of course, that could change if the Mets and Rockies play a 20-inning game (which would be bad, as the Mets are winless in four extra-inning games at Coors Field all-time) or if Bobby Ojeda decides to wax philosophical on something he didn't like from the game during the post-game show.

The Knicks aren't scheduled to have their @$$e$ handed to them by the Heat today and the Rangers have a day off in their quest for the Stanley Cup.  Even you New Jersey Devils fans can watch Mets Weekly this evening after your team plays (unless if you have another double overtime game, but that's what TiVo and DVR is for).

So do we our early evening plans straight?  Watch the Mets (or the Devils, if you're so inclined) and then stick around for Mets Weekly to see R.A. Dickey teach me the art of how to properly get my hand around his ball.  It'll be an educational experience for all of us.

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