Thursday, June 7, 2012

Met-ical Breakthrough! Ink Cures Elbow Debris!

We interrupt this regularly scheduled blog post to bring you a special medical report, courtesy of Jon Rauch's Instagram account.  If you click here, you can see what the Mets' injured reliever has been doing in New York while his team has been playing the first place Nationals in Washington.

That's right, Mets fans.  It appears that getting a tattoo over your right ribcage is the cure for right elbow debris.  Call your friends!  It's a miracle!

But seriously, what is Jon Rauch doing getting a tattoo while his team is playing their biggest series in years, especially when the reason why he is not with the team is so that he can recover from his elbow injury?

I know.  It's not the same as Josh Beckett's injury recovery activity of choice.  Unlike golf, a tattoo will more than likely not exacerbate Rauch's injury.  However, considering the negative reaction to Beckett's off-field choice and combining that with how poorly Rauch has pitched since April 29 (0-5, 8.53 ERA, .362 batting average against in 15 appearances), should he really be sharing these pictures over the internet?

Unless a player has specific language in his contract, he can do whatever he wants with his free time.  But when a player has been excused from the team to recover from an injury, especially when his hall pass has been issued during a crucial series against a division rival, that player should make better choices with what he does when he's not receiving treatment for that injury.  Better choices do not include getting ink that suggests he's enjoying his time away from the team.

Jon Rauch likes tattoos.  But no amount of ink is going to be able to mask the fans' reactions to this story.  Let's see how long it takes for the ink to dry on this one.


Anonymous said...

You sir, are a fucking idiot

Anonymous said...

^ what he said