Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Broken News: Lucas Duda Can't Afford Movers

Welcome to the latest edition of Broken News, where someone else breaks the news, then we break it some more.  In today's edition, we literally have broken news, or more accurately, we have news of a break.

Earlier today, Adam Rubin reported that Mets' outfielder Lucas Duda underwent surgery to repair a fractured right wrist, which he sustained while moving furniture in his California home.  The surgery should allow Duda to be ready for spring training, according to the team.

Lucas Duda made a shade under $500,000 this past season and is expected to get a raise in 2013.  (Duda got an $83,200 raise after the 2011 season.)  He can afford to hire someone to move his furniture around.  But no.  The man who flubbed many a fly ball in right field has now made an error at home, joining the likes of Hunter Pence (injured when he walked through a sliding glass door in his spring training apartment), Clint Barmes (broke his collarbone while carrying venison up a flight of stairs), Joel Zumaya (inflamed wrist on his throwing hand due to an addiction to Guitar Hero) and the granddaddy of all "stay-at-home" injuries, Glenallen Hill, who injured himself sleepwalking while trying to flee from nightmarish spiders (no word on whether Freddy Krueger had something to do with Hill's injury).

At least Duda won't miss any games with his injury, like Pence, Barmes, Zumaya and Hill did.  But his injury should:

a) teach him about the wonders of hiring movers, or at the very least, a neighbor who could use a few extra bucks, and
b) serve as a notice to his teammates (like the one pictured below high-fiving Duda) that injuries can happen at any time, even when doing the most mundane things.

Justin Turner, take heed.  You don't want to end up like 2009 NL Rookie of the Year Chris Coghlan, who followed up his sensational rookie season by getting injured while giving a teammate a shaving cream pie to the face.   The Mets have enough weird injuries as it is.

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