Tuesday, February 5, 2013

How The Mets Just Made The 2013 Season Shorter

Most of the time, when the Mets make a move I disagree with, I tend to write long-winded diatribes filled with bitter sarcasm and scathing remarks generally aimed at the person or persons responsible for the unfortunate transaction.  However, today I'm pressed for time so there will no 1,000+ word rant.  Instead, I'll just be giving you the long and short of today's Mets news, which as you're about to read, couldn't be more appropriate.

Watch that hand, Terry.  You might end up smacking Rauch on the back of his knee instead of his ass.

Jon Rauch was one of the few dependable arms in the Mets bullpen last year.  But in 2013, his 6'11" inch frame will be casting shadows on the mound at Marlins Park.

Various sources have reported that Rauch has signed a one-year, $1 million contract to pitch for the stripped-down version of the Miami Marlins.  He will more than likely pitch in Miami for a few months, get a few tattoos, then get shipped off to a pennant contender for a bunch of prospects at the trade deadline.

Rauch's departure, coupled with the non-signing of 6'10" Chris Young and the non-tendering of 6'7" Mike Pelfrey will make the Mets a much shorter team in 2013.  In fact, as of this scribbling, no player on the Mets' 40-man roster is taller than 6'4".

It's possible the Mets just thought the 34-year-old Rauch was getting up there in years.  Perhaps they believed Chris Young was about to break like an outfield wall in front of Rodney McCray.  Or maybe they expected Mike Pelfrey to eventually bite off his tongue while throwing a pitch.  For all we know, perhaps the Mets just found a new way to cut costs by spending less money on fabric for the tall players' jerseys.

But one thing's for certain.  The light stanchions at Citi Field will be the only things casting shadows on the mound now that Rauch, Young and Pelfrey have all cautiously lowered their heads under the home bullpen gate for the last time. 

Jon Rauch will be soaking rays in Florida in 2013.  Mike Pelfrey will be dodging snowballs and line drives in Minnesota.  Chris Young will be trying not to get hurt wherever he winds up.  None of these behemoths will be pitching for the Mets in 2013.   It looks like a long season just got a little shorter for the Mets.

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