Monday, February 18, 2013

To 'C' or Not To 'C' - That Is The David Wright Question

According to Anthony DiComo at, Terry Collins would like David Wright to be named the team captain, and intends to discuss the matter with Jeff Wilpon and Sandy Alderson. 

For what it's worth, I don't think a 'C' on Wright's jersey is a necessity.  John Franco was the last player to wear the 'C', following Keith Hernandez and Gary Carter, who were co-captains in the late '80s.  But Franco did not officially get the honor until after he lost his job as Mets' closer to Armando Benitez.  Carter didn't get his share of the 'C' until he lobbied for it, saying (and I paraphrase):

"Why does Keith get to wear the 'C' and I can't?  He didn't get a hit in the tenth inning of Game 6.  But I did."

No Met has donned the 'C' in the prime of his career.  So giving it to David Wright when he is in the middle of his stellar career would be a first for the team.  But it's not really necessary.

Did you hear the one about the third baseman and the 'C'?  Cracks me up every time.

The team already knows Wright is the captain of the team.  With the departure of Mike Pelfrey to Minnesota, there is no one else left on the team who remembers firsthand the Great Collapse of 2007.

Wright has been through the highs and suffered the lows.  He even got to play for Mr. Personality himself, Art Howe.  Wright already is the captain.  So why put a 'C' on his jersey other than for merchandising purposes?

Hey, if it gets those Sandy Koufax Brooklyn Dodgers shirts out of the team store, then I'm all for it.  Otherwise, it's not necessary.

David Wright is the longest-tenured Met.  The player with the second longest time on the team is Johan Santana, who almost certainly won't be here in 2014.  After Santana comes Daniel Murphy, Jonathon Niese and Bobby Parnell - the last survivors of Shea Stadium.  None of those players is going to become the team captain while Wright is still around.  And he figures to be here until 2020.

No one needs to tell David Wright he's the captain.  He already knows it.  Similarly, no one needs to stitch a 'C' on his jersey.  I'm sure Wright would rather have a ring instead of a 'C' any day of the week.

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