Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Song Parody: We're Underdogs!

Earlier this week, the Mets received a little gift in their lockers from Jeff Wilpon.  No, it wasn't a "get out of jail free" card.  It was an Underdog T-shirt.

For those who don't remember Underdog (such as Ike Davis and Dillon Gee, who claimed to not have a clue who the character was), he was a cartoon dog who always saved the day.  Most players didn't have a problem with the bright orange gift.  But not everyone felt the gift was necessary.

A certain player who makes his living at a high-temperature corner (we won't say David Wright's name to protect the innocent) thought he and his teammates shouldn't be viewed as underdogs because they know what they're capable of.  That would seem to be contrary to what R.A. Dickey said on Tuesday, where he believed the Mets would need "three or four Jeremy Lins" to be competitive in the NL East.

The unnamed player who answers whenever someone calls for David Wright should probably look on the bright side.  After all, now he can wear the Underdog shirt so that he doesn't have to wear the T-shirt given to him by Dickey.  ("Somebody climbed Mount Kilimanjaro and all I got was this lousy T-shirt.")

In honor of this event, we at Studious Metsimus have decided to write our latest song parody, based on the theme song to the old Underdog cartoon.  Since we couldn't come up with a better title, our version is called "We're Underdogs!"  Enjoy!

There's reason to cheer!  Underdog shirts are here!

When cronies whisper in Wilpon's ear
Telling him that last place is near
It heightens his tensions and fears
So it's time to get his team new gear
We're Underdogs!  Underdogs!  Underdogs!  Underdogs!

David Wright thinks it's a blunder
Ike and Gee are left to wonder
Who's Underdog?  Who the f**k is Underdog?

In Wilpon's world, won't sell the team
Breaking fans' hearts like a bad dream
But Fred and Jeff know what the team needs
So they went out; got orange T's
Wear Underdog!  Underdog!  Underdog!  Underdog!

Team morale is torn asunder
For a shirt that makes them wonder
Who's Underdog?  Who's f**kin' Underdog?


Solly said...

Yay, a song parody!

Ed Leyro (and Joey Beartran) said...

I intend to lead the league in song parodies this year so that at least someone who wears "Mets" on his chest can claim to be the league leader in something.