Monday, July 26, 2010

A Clash of Opinions: Should I Cheer Or Should I Boo?

There is a lot of turmoil in Mets-tropolis. R.A. Dickey was clashing with Jerry Manuel when the manager removed him from yesterday's game. The fans are clashing with the front office for not doing anything to improve the team. What's a blogger to do with all this clashing going on? You guessed it. It's song parody time!

What better song to choose than the classic hit by The Clash (duh, like you didn't know where this was going) called "Should I Stay or Should I Go?". The song was released as a single in 1982 (and performed by The Clash in concert at Shea Stadium that October. Betcha didn't know that?), right before the Mets became a good team again. Will this song parody I've written help the current Mets get better?

No, that would be silly. Scoring more runs will make them better. Even Dead Manuel Walking can figure that out while he's pointing out the next relief pitcher he's going to use not named Frankie Rodriguez.

I've said enough. It's time to tap your cleats to the song parody. Here is the song set to the Clash's hit single from 1982. This one is called "Should I Cheer or Should I Boo?"

Mets fans, you've gotta let me know
Should I cheer or should I boo?
If you say "make up your mind!"
I'll ask you 'till we're at inning nine.
So before you hear "play ball!"
Should I cheer or should I boo?

The Mets just tease tease tease
And Jerry still trots out Ollie
Like a bad fish, he'll throw him back
To give us fans a heart attack
So before to Citi I go
Should I cheer or should I boo?

Should I cheer or should I boo now?
Should I cheer or should I boo now?
If I cheer at Reyes' double
Then I'll miss Castillo stumble
Don't know which way I will go...

To cheer? To boo? It's bugging me
And so's the last month by Pelfrey
Will K-Rod pitch the tenth inning?
No way, says Dead Manuel Walking
Maybe it's time for him to go
I'm not cheering him anymo'

Should I cheer or should I boo now?
Should I cheer or should I boo now?
Can Beltran run down a fly ball?
Will the coaching staff take the fall?
Can't these guys win on the road?
I should cool it or I'm gonna blow

Should I cheer or should I boo now?
Should I cheer or should I boo now?
Jerry Manuel's in trouble
His team's been reduced to rubble
Cheering will get a big fat NO!
That's right, I'm going to BEE-OH-OH!

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