Monday, August 16, 2010

Mets Gazette Likes Me, They Really Like Me!

Sally Field may have said it first when she accepted her Academy Award back in 1985, but today Studious Metsimus can lay claim to that same phrase that Sally Field made famous during her Oscar acceptance speech.

With thanks to Frank Gray and all the writers at Mets Gazette, I was asked to participate in the latest edition of a Mets Gazette regular feature called "Pulsipher of The Nation". This weekly feature calls upon Mets writers/bloggers/people who make things up as they go along (Studious Metsimus makes up the latter) to discuss a current topic on the Mets.

You can click on any of the above italicized, bolded and enlarged links for more. However, if you're as lazy as Oliver Perez is when he's asked to accept a minor league assignment and you don't want to scroll up for the links, then here is the current "Pulsipher of The Nation" for you to click on.

Mets Gazette also has a Facebook fan page, located HERE. Feel free to check out the Mets Gazette site for more Mets news, reports and shenanigans. (And I'm not just saying shenanigans because it's one of the coolest words in the English language, right after "nougat" and "Oliver Perez has been released".)

Thanks again to Frank Gray for asking me to participate in the latest Pulsipher of The Nation. After spending the money for box seats at Shea Stadium for Bill Pulsipher's major league debut on June 17, 1995, thinking the ticket stub would be worth something some day, the left-handed member of Generation K has finally led to something worth smiling about.

"You like me! You really like me!"

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