Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Players' Union Files Grievance For Frankie Knuckles

The Associated Press is reporting that the Players Association has filed a grievance against the New York Mets and the office of the commissioner. In their complaint, they are questioning how the situation with the closer/Lucha Libre aficionado has been handled by the Mets.

For those of you who have not heard or are simply choosing to ignore the story because you're too upset that the Mets would lose a game last night in which Johan Santana was matched up against Mets' castoff Nelson Figueroa, Francisco Rodriguez went Met-ieval on his girlfriend's father's @$$ (and by @$$, I mean his face). In doing so, he tore a ligament in his right thumb (that's on his pitching hand, boys and girls), requiring season-ending surgery.

Let's review this together, for all the members of the jury in attendance:

Exhibit A:
Francisco Rodriguez assaults the grandfather of his children.

Exhibit 2:
He does so at Citi Field, his place of employment.

Exhibit Tres:
The "alleged" assault takes place in full view of teammates, their young children, members of the media...or as you and I might call them, EYEWITNESSES.

Exhibit IV:
He causes a season-ending injury to himself during said "alleged" incident.

Responding to the incident, the Mets decided to place Francisco Rodriguez on the disqualified list. As a result, K-Rod will not be paid for as long as he is out with his injury and his contract will become non-guaranteed, meaning his salary for 2011 might go right back into the Wilpon's pockets if they choose to do so.

Sounds fine and dandy, right? After all, the Volatile Venezuelan was arraigned for a crime he admitted doing. So it's buh-bye for K-Rod, right?


The union says that wouldn't be fair to Frankie Knuckles if the Mets converted his contract to a non-guaranteed deal. No, their player should be paid millions of dollars while recovering from an injury he suffered while in the act of committing a crime (Oops! I mean an "alleged" crime) against a family member at his place of employment in front of the media who could then report firsthand on the public relations nightmare he just created.

Assuming the case isn't settled and has to go before an arbitrator, I fully expect the Mets to win this case. But in the event that the MLBPA wins the case for K-Rod, I have a bit of advice for the Mets' soon-to-be former closer.

Buy yourself a wheelbarrow with your pocket change. Why? Because you're going to need it to transport the millions of dollars you'll have to cough up for your "father-in-law" once he sues your save-blowing, high-pitch-throwing @$$ for "allegedly" assaulting him.

Don't let the door hit you on the way out, K-Rod. And if it does, don't hit it back. You've caused enough trouble with your "greatest hits" as it is!

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DyHrdMET said...

Let me attempt to defend the MLBPA on a couple of points if I may...

the MLBPA probably have a grievance half filled out that blamed the Mets for the way they handled something and just decided to re-use it here.

It's somewhat fair to suggest that the Mets are acting too soon by suspending K-Rod before he's convicted in a court of law (innocent until proven guilty). The MLBPA must have forgotten that his injured thumb is key evidence in the case (if that's the case, and the injury was surgically repaired, does that mean that the doctors tampered with evidence in a legal case?).