Tuesday, August 24, 2010

We Believe In NOT Coming Back!

By now, some of you may have heard about the movement started by various bloggers, including the one and only Coop and the equally talented Joe Spector. Both bloggers are encouraging people to either not attend games at Citi Field or to boycott the ballpark.

Studious Metsimus would like to endorse both campaigns. The Mets led us to believe in comebacks, yet they've allowed 12 games to get away from them in walk-off fashion. The Mets decided to keep Oliver Perez and Luis Castillo around because apparently, the Mets also believe in leading the league in boos.

In addition, the Mets became road worriers instead of road warriors, continuing their woeful play away from Citi Field that they began last year, when they went 29-52 on the road. This year, the Mets are 26-40 away from home.

Last year, injuries were the excuse. So what's the excuse this year? What can they say to explain the fact that they have a 14-18 record against the six teams with losing records in the National League?

The pitching has been better than expected, with the team having pitched 18 shutouts over their first 124 games, which is better than a shutout every seven games. But when they don't shut out the opposition, the Mets are 44-62. Why is their lumber seemingly in a slumber? Has Jason Bay's concussion spread to the team's wood?

So tomorrow is the day of the Great Citi Field Sit Out. If you have tickets to the game, please don't go. You can watch the game on TV if you wish. We all know you've been waiting all season for the matchup between Pat Misch and Alex Sanabia.

But wouldn't it be great if you're watching the game on TV, seeing all those empty green seats and you hear Gary Cohen wonder aloud where everyone is? You would know exactly why. It's because the fans are fed up with the direction this team has taken.

The front office wants us to think that the Mets believe in comebacks. On the contrary. With what they've given us on the field, we believe in the exact opposite. The Studious Metsimus staff, The Coop, Joe Spector and other bloggers have spoken and the message is clear.


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