Sunday, April 14, 2013

Friday Night Fights: Matt Harvey vs. Stephen Strasburg

As reported on Studious Metsimus first after last night's game, there was a possibility for a potential for a Matt Harvey-Stephen Strasburg matchup on Friday night at Citi Field, but only if inclement weather canceled at least one of the remaining road games on the Mets' current trip.  I suggested that Mets fans should go to their local bookstore and try to procure a copy of "Raindancing For Dummies" so they could send it to displaced Mets fans in Minnesota and Denver to get that necessary postponement.  Well, it looks as if my plan worked.

Just moments ago, the Mets released an official statement to announce that the finale of the three-game series in Minnesota has been canceled due to inclement weather.  The official New York Mets Twitter account then posted the pitching matchups for the four-game series in Colorado.  Take a quick glance at it and you might notice a specific member of the rotation who is not scheduled to pitch at Coors Field.

Matt Harvey will not be pitching in Colorado this week, meaning he will indeed be starting the opener of the homestand against Stephen Strasburg and the Washington Nationals.

If you were able to send one of the manuals to a displaced Mets fan in Denver, please contact them and tell them it's defective.  That way, they won't use it and we'll get that epic matchup on Friday night.  Barring any other weather-related cancellations, it appears as if many Mets fans, as well as baseball fans in general, will be in love with this matchup on Friday night. 

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