Thursday, April 18, 2013

Joey's Small Bites: What Did I Learn From This Series?

Hello, everyone.  This is your fav'rit Studious Metsimus correspondent/culinary expert, Joey Beartran.  Although today I wish I was just being a culinary expert, because corresponding after this debacle of a series in Colorado is not something I would wish on my worst enemy.  (Actually, that's not true.  I would wish it on Cole Hamels now that I think about it.)

In today's series finale, the Mets fell to the Rockies, 11-3, in the team's first loss in a game started by either Jonathon Niese or Matt Harvey.  Guess we can't blame this on Aaron Laffey.  However, we can blame it on other things.  And I'm just the non-person to do it!

Here are my small bites on today's game, the series in general, and the Mets' all-time history in the Rockies' mile-high ballpark:

  • Since Coors Field opened its doors in 1995, the Mets have gone 28-43 (.394 winning percentage) in the Rockies' ballpark.  The only current National League ballpark in which the Mets have fared worse is Atlanta's Turner Field, where the Mets are 45-89 (.336 winning percentage).
  • Only two pitchers in Mets history can say they had an ERA under 4.00 at Coors Field (minimum 15 innings pitched).  Those pitchers are Mike Pelfrey (3.47 ERA) and Steve Trachsel (3.71 ERA).  For the record, today's losing pitcher (Jonathon Niese) allowed three earned runs in six innings, lowering his all-time ERA at Coors Field to 6.75.
  • The Mets allowed 28 runs (26 earned) to the Rockies in the three-game series.  Compare that to the 27 runs (25 earned) that the Atlanta Braves have allowed ALL SEASON!  And the Mets didn't even get to play the fourth game of the series because of last night's snow-aided postponement.
  • Troy Tulowitzki used to be Public Enemy No. 1 whenever the Mets played the Rockies.  But Carlos Gonzalez stepped into that role in this series, going 8-for-13 with two doubles, a triple, a homer, seven runs scored and three RBIs in the three-game sweep.  The Mets had last week's National League Player of the Week in pitcher Matt Harvey.  Harvey's colleagues on the mound did their part to make CarGo this week's frontrunner for the award.
  • Speaking of the Mets' pitchers, how about that bullpen?  Last year, the Mets were last in the league in bullpen ERA until the last week of the season.  The 4.65 ERA recorded by Mets' relievers in 2012 was just a Bernie Brewer hair better than Milwaukee's 4.66 bullpen ERA.   This year's bullpen wishes it was that good.  Through 14 games, Mets relievers have a 5.52 ERA, which includes the eight runs given up by the pen in two innings today.
  • Believe it or not, there was a bright side to this series.  Wednesday's game was snowed out, meaning the Mets only got the chance to lose three games instead of the four games they could have lost had yesterday's game not been affected by Mother Nature.
  • Other bright spots included David Wright (5-for-10, three runs, two homers, five RBIs, one stolen base) and Daniel Murphy (five runs scored, two doubles).  But perhaps the biggest bright spot for the Mets is that they're coming back home (finally) and have Matt Harvey on the mound tomorrow night at Citi Field.
The road trip is finally over!  Time for me (and the Mets) to get back to Citi Field!

The Mets have historically done poorly in Colorado.  This series was no different.  But after a 7-7 start against San Diego, Miami, Philadelphia, Minnesota and Colorado - teams that finished at or below .500 in 2012 - the Mets have to play better starting tomorrow.  And now they have a week of games against the Washington Nationals and Los Angeles Dodgers to look forward to.

Last year, the Mets did not go below .500 until after the All-Star Break.  This year, they've been at or above the break-even point for all 14 of their games.  But they're going to have to play a lot better to avoid slipping under .500 during the upcoming homestand.

I'll always be a Mets fan, but if the team doesn't show a better effort on the field soon, I might be focusing more on the culinary expert part of my job.  After all, the way this series went in snowy Colorado, I'm going to need something to remove the bad taste from my mouth.

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