Saturday, April 13, 2013

Friday I'm In Love (With This Pitching Matchup)

Matt Harvey almost made history today for the Mets, coming within seven outs of pitching the franchise's second no-hitter.  Although he didn't keep the Twins hitless, he did keep them behind the Mets all day en route to his third consecutive victory to start the season.

Given the weather forecasts for Minneapolis tomorrow and Denver next week, the Mets might have to shuffle their rotation if games get delayed or postponed.  If that happens, Mets fans might be in for a real treat next Friday when their beloved team returns to Citi Field to open a ten-game homestand against the division rival Washington Nationals.

Washington has already announced that their starting pitcher for Friday night's game against the Mets will be Stephen Strasburg.  Because of the uncertain weather conditions the Mets face in Minneapolis and Denver, Strasburg's opponent could very well be Matt Harvey.

As things currently stand, Dillon Gee is set to start tomorrow's finale against the Twins.  Gee would be followed by Jeremy Hefner on Monday in Colorado, Aaron Laffey on Tuesday and Jonathon Niese on Wednesday.  Harvey would be in line to pitch in the final game against the Rockies Thursday afternoon.  However, if tomorrow's game in Minnesota is rained out (and there's a 90% chance of rain being forecast for Sunday afternoon), Gee's start would be pushed back to Monday.

Of course, if the Mets have a game postponed over the next few days, manager Terry Collins could bypass Aaron Laffey's spot in the rotation and continue to pitch the other starters on four days' rest.  That would keep Harvey on pace to pitch Thursday.  But there is an 80% chance of precipitation for the Mile High City on Monday.  And on Wednesday night, the temperature is supposed to dip to a ridiculous-for-baseball 12°.  That's 12° Fahrenheit, not 12° Celsius (which converts to a more baseball-friendly 53° F).

If any of the games in Colorado are postponed, we might get a pitching matchup to drool over on Friday night at Citi Field.  It's such a juicy matchup, it deserves its own paragraph, italics, centering, boldface and a pair of photographs:

 Matt Harvey vs. Stephen Strasburg

As Mets fans, we never want to see Mother Nature deny us the opportunity to see our beloved team on a day the schedule tells us that they're supposed to play.  But the potential for a Harvey/Strasburg matchup at Citi Field is too intriguing to pass up.

Do yourselves a favor.  Pay a visit to your local bookstore and ask if they have a "Raindancing For Dummies" manual.  Then send it to a couple of displaced Mets fans living in Minnesota and Denver.  You won't regret it if we get the once-in-a-lifetime pitching matchup of Harvey vs. Strasburg at Citi Field on Friday night. 

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