Friday, May 31, 2013

An Interesting Fact About The Mets And Season Series Sweeps

On Thursday night, the Mets completed a season sweep of the Yankees, taking their second consecutive affair at Yankee Stadium after claiming two wins at Citi Field.

It's quite rare for the Mets to sweep a season series from anyone.  It's almost as rare for them to take all but one game from a team over an entire campaign.  Here is a list of all the season series in which the Mets missed going undefeated against a particular team by one game, followed by the much shorter list of those teams who failed to defeat the Mets even once in a single season.  Please note that only those season series in which the Mets played their opponent at home and on the road are being considered.  That eliminates teams that played only one series against the Mets over an entire season.

One-Loss Season Series (min. one home series, one road series)

1969: San Diego Padres (11-1)
1986: Pittsburgh Pirates (17-1)
1988: Los Angeles Dodgers (10-1)
1994: Chicago Cubs (4-1)
1998: Milwaukee Brewers (8-1)
2002: Chicago Cubs (5-1)
2002: Milwaukee Brewers (5-1)
2004: Colorado Rockies (5-1)
2005: Arizona Diamondbacks (6-1)
2006: Arizona Diamondbacks (6-1)
2006: Colorado Rockies (5-1)
2008: San Francisco Giants (5-1)
2009: Houston Astros (5-1)
2010: Pittsburgh Pirates (6-1)

Undefeated Season Series (min. one home series, one road series)

2013: New York Yankees (4-0)

See anything interesting with those lists?  Of course you did.  Over their first 51 seasons, the Mets had never swept a season series from any team when the season series included games at home and on the road.  Never.  Until now.

The Mets' four-game party versus the Yankees this week represents the first time in franchise history that they won every home game and every road game against a particular team in a single season.  First.  Time.  Ever.

Prior to the 2013 season, the Mets came within one game of sweeping a season series against a team 14 times, most recently in 2010 when they took six of seven from the Pirates.  But now they have their first season sweep of more than three games.  And it came at the expense of their crosstown rivals, the New York Yankees.

It's always difficult to win both ends of a doubleheader.  It's even harder to win every game against an opponent over an entire season.  Leave it to the Mets to finally accomplish this rare feat against that other New York team.  Taking out the brooms never felt sweeter.

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