Sunday, May 5, 2013

Ballapeño's Bullpen: A Quick Anniversary Note To My Colleagues

Hola, everyone!  This is your favorite stuffed pepper, Ballapeño Pepe Sanchez Gomez del Chapulín Colorado, but you may call me Ballapeño.

Today is Cinco de Mayo, a day that is celebrated by stuffed peppers all over the world.  It is also becoming quite popular among Mets fans because it gives them the opportunity to drink for a reason other than to forget the latest meltdown by the bullpen.

But the main reason for this note is not to talk about the failures of the Mets' relevistas this year.  As Dikembe Mutombo would say, "not today".  Today is about wishing my colleagues at this site a very felíz aniversario.  It was three years ago today that Señor Ed Leyro and Señora Taryn Cooper (she was just a señorita back then) decided to take the plunge and tie the knot.  Three years later, that knot has become more unbreakable than it has ever been.

On the day they said "si, si, si" to each other, the Mets lost their game to the Cincinnati Reds, 5-4, in ten innings.  They lost when relevista Pedro Feliciano allowed a home run to the first batter he faced in the tenth, Orlando Cabrera.  Señor y Señora then drank muchas margaritas to celebrate their marriage and to forget the Mets' latest walk-off loss (they had una dozena such losses that year).

Since then, the Mets have given them two wonderful anniversary presents, defeating the Giants, 5-2, in 2011 and taking out the Diamondbacks last year by the final score of 4-3.  I believe the adult beverages we consumed after those games were far more celebratory.  (I don't remember.  I was told that I passed out after two tequila shots.  I claim I went on siesta for the rest of the day.)

Today, the Mets play los Bravos de Atlanta at Turner Field.  It is the first time the Mets have been on the road on Cinco de Mayo since the day Señor y Señora got married.  The last two years, the Mets have made sure they had a happy anniversary.  This year, they might need stellar work from the bullpen to avoid another walk-off loss like the one they had in Cincinnati on May 5, 2010.

I will drink to a Mets victory should los Mets defeat los Bravos.  I will also gladly offer a toast to Señor y Señora on the date of their third anniversary.  I just hope I don't have mas bebidas with them to try to forget a difficult defeat.

¡Felícidades to all on Cinco de Mayo and a happy anniversary to Señor y Señora!

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