Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Song Parody: Ike Can't See Clearly Now

Ike Davis can't do many things right now.  He can't make contact with the ball, striking out 59 times in less than 160 at-bats.  He also can't get anyone at Citi Field to stop booing him, except when they cheer sarcastically when he hits a foul ball.

The Mets' first baseman used to do many things well.  He could hit for power.  He could drive in runs.  He could play solid defense.  But right now, the only thing he can do is prepare for a potential demotion to AAA-Las Vegas if his misfortune on the field continues.

Is Ike Davis not the player we thought he was?  Has the Valley Fever permanently taken away his ability to hit?  Did all those tumbles into the dugout in pursuit of fly balls give him an undiagnosed concussion?  Maybe the photo of his unit behind R.A. Dickey last year caused shrinkage to his career?

No one can say why Ike Davis can't do anything right anymore.  But maybe I know the reason.  Maybe it's in his vision, or lack of it.  In 1972, Johnny Nash hit the top of the Billboard charts with his song, "I Can See Clearly Now".  That song has since been covered by many artists who claim to have newfound clarity when it comes to their vision.  Unfortunately, Ike Davis is not one of them.  After all, according to my parody of the Johnny Nash song, "Ike Can't See Clearly Now".

Ike can’t see clearly now, his swing is gone
Ike can’t see all the pitches coming his way
Gotta be hard and weighing on his mind
It’s gonna be a strike (out), strike (out)
Same every day

I think Ike can’t hit it out, his power’s gone
All of his confidence has disappeared
He's in the majors, what’s he stayin’ for?
For another strike (out), strike (out)
Sombrero today

Look at the mound, we’re counting on you, Ike
Look straight ahead, here comes the third strike

Ike can’t see clearly now, his talent’s gone
Ike can’t see all the pitches coming his way
Gotta be hard to punch out all the time
The next time you strike (out), strike (out)
It’s Triple-A!


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