Friday, November 6, 2009

Song Parody: Omar the Red-Faced GM

The baseball season is over and GMs everywhere are preparing for next month's Winter Meetings. They will be shopping for free agents to present as stocking stuffers to their fanbase. That reminds me of the upcoming holiday season. It also reminds me that Studious Metsimus hasn't "composed" a song parody in a while.

Paying homage to the classic Christmas song composed by Johnny Marks and sung by Gene Autry in 1949 (back in the year when Yankee fans were doing midnight shopping for T-shirts commemorating their 12th championship), here is my alternate take on "Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer", focusing on our beloved general manager. After all, now that players have begun filing for free agency, Omar has to make sure he makes this team competitive and not load it up with guys from the Land of Misfit Players. Let's hope this song helps.

Omar The Red-Faced GM
Going into buying mode
Looking for a first baseman
Hope his name is not Ross Gload

All of the angry Mets fans
Pleading that he signs big names
They'll never forgive Omar
He's the one who gets the blame.

Then on Winter Meetings Eve
Wilpon came to say
"Omar, perhaps if you might,
Don't use up my funds tonight."

That's why no Mets fan loves him
As they live in misery
Omar the Red-Faced GM
Soon you will be history!

There you have it. Now doesn't that get you into the Christmas spirit? It's going to be an interesting three and a half months until pitchers and catchers report. As the days get closer, there might be more song parodies. Omar might inadvertently write some of the lyrics if he doesn't put together the right team to compete in 2010.

Omar's legacy will be decided during this offseason and the upcoming 2010 baseball season. Will he be the man who brought the Mets back into World Series contention or will he be the man who caused Studious Metsimus to win a Grammy Award for best song parody?

For Omar's sake, it better be the former instead of the latter. Those Grammy Awards can hurt once they're shoved far up a person's @$$!

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DyHrdMET said...

you are definitely on a roll this week.