Thursday, July 23, 2009

Has Anyone Ever Seen Tony Bernazard and The Hulk In The Same Room?

Tony Bernazard had a respectable major league career. He was known as a good, mild-mannered player throughout his ten years in the major leagues. After his playing career ended in 1991, he took a baseball sabbatical, returning to the game to become the Mets' vice president for player development in December 2004.

Since his return to the Mets, the docile player has turned into a troublemaker as Omar Minaya's little helper. Although denied by Omar Minaya, Bernazard was viewed as the primary reason behind the firing of former manager Willie Randolph in 2008. The red flag should have gone up there. But there was so much more to come in 2009.

First, Bernazard unleashed his holier-than-thou attitude during a game at Citi Field when an Arizona Diamondbacks scout was found sitting in a seat behind home plate that he coveted.

Then came the incident in early July where Bernazard allegedly (since everything with Bernazard only happens allegedly. Like bosom buddy Omar Minaya is ever going to say "Yup, he did it.") challenged players from AA-Binghamton to a fight, removing his shirt in the process. No video of this "alleged" incident popped up on YouTube, but my good friend, Chucky, will attempt to re-enact the scene.

<-- Before After-->

This was followed up by reports that Bernazard confronted Mets' closer Francisco Rodriguez in Atlanta last week.

Apparently his anger is progressing. He went from a scout to minor leaguers to one of the few bright spots on the big club. How did a man who was always even-keeled become such a brute? The answer may be simple. Has anyone ever wondered where Tony Bernazard was between 1991 and 2004?

I say he was undergoing gamma radiation treatment at an undisclosed location. This radiation caused his Jekyll and Hyde-like transformation. He may look silent and withdrawn whenever he is not aggravated, but once he is angered, the radiation transforms him into the Incredible Hulk.

Stop rolling your eyes and think carefully for a second. Have you ever seen Tony Bernazard and the Hulk standing together? I didn't think so.

Tony's transformation into the Hulk has been embarrassing the team and Mets fans are calling for him to be fired. He may deserve to be removed from his position for his egregious actions, but if he is, be afraid. He may come smashing his way looking for you. Don't say I didn't warn you!

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