Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Injured Player of The Week Award: Week of 7/16-7/22

Welcome to the first award handed out by ZCB. Whereas other Mets sites might name a player of the week, this site will focus on the best injured player of the week. It will go to the injured player who did the most to not aggravate his injury further.

Please note that Fernando Nieve was not eligible to receive this award as he was not injured for the entire time period considered for this week (Thursday, July 16 to Wednesday, July 22). Also note that the creator of this award does not care about the usual Sunday to Saturday week. The last time I checked, Thursday to Wednesday was still a seven day period.

Our inaugural winner of the IPW award is Jose Reyes. Reyes has been doing some light running and was able to play in a simulated game on Tuesday. He did not run at full speed, but also did not report any discomfort. The Mets are being cautious with Reyes and will continue to do so upon his return to the big club.

Jerry Manuel will not allow Reyes to play every day when he returns to the Mets. Here is what Manuel had to say.

"When we get him, we'll probably have to play him a game and then rest him a game. Just because of the anxiety that's involved in the big league level and all the blood flowing."

Because of his progress and the precautions being taken by the team, the inaugural Injured Player of The Week Award is proudly given to Jose Reyes. Reyes seemed quite surprised to receive this award, as seen by this photo of him taken after he was notified of his achievement.

Let's hope this award doesn't turn into something along the lines of the Sports Illustrated cover jinx. If a Mets player re-aggravates his injury after receiving this award, then it will have to be changed to the Injured Phillies Player of The Week Award.

Once again, congratulations to Jose Reyes. Let's hope you don't have to accept this award again!

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