Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Little Jeffy Wilpon Speaks For The Family Circus

Little Jeffy Wilpon held an apology-filled press conference at Citi Field before tonight's Mets-Rockies game. In it, he apologized to Daily News writer Adam Rubin for Omar Minaya's personal attack on said writer.

This is the second consecutive press conference held by the Mets to discuss the inappropriate actions of one of their high-ranking employees. On Monday, Minaya held a press conference to discuss the firing of the VP of Player Development Tony Bernazard due to various instances of inappropriate behavior with players at Double-A Binghamton and with players on the major league roster, most notably closer Francisco Rodriguez.

Ironically, while speaking on the inappropriate behavior of Tony Bernazard, Minaya behaved inappropriately himself. His comments about Adam Rubin lobbying for a player development position seemed to suggest that Rubin's reporting on Bernazard's antics was meant to open up a position for him within the Mets.

Omar was not present at the outdoor press conference, but his name was the most common word out of Little Jeffy's mouth. From stating that Omar was remorseful to Omar was going to call Rubin to Omar picked the wrong venue to express his views, Little Jeffy appeared to be Minaya's spokesman. However, he did make sure to say that Omar is and will be the team's GM.

Daddy Wilpon was also not available for comment. Our ZCB sources tell us that he was spotted at the ice cream shop buying frozen treats for his wife. Although this is not confirmed, she appears to be pregnant again. Apparently, Little Jeffy, Billy, Dolly and PJ were not enough for the Wilpon family, as if their family wasn't already a circus.

Perhaps this will be the topic of tomorrow's press conference. As for now, the Mets do not appear to be affected by the turmoil as they have won four straight games following tonight's 4-0 victory against the Wild Card-leading Rockies.

The non-uniformed Mets might be behaving badly, but the uniformed Mets are behaving quite well on the field. If Little Jeffy and the Family Circus planned these shenanigans to take the attention away from the players, they appear to have succeeded. Maybe for his next act, he can get Mets' PR man Jay Horwitz to start another firestorm by running on the field in his underwear during a game. That'll stir up some controversy and will lead to another press conference. Who knows? It might also extend the winning streak to five and beyond.

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