Sunday, August 16, 2009

Injured Player of The Week Award: Week of 8/9-8/15

There is no joking around with this week's recipient of the Injured Player of The Week Award. It goes to a member of the Mets who had stayed healthy all year until his horrific close encounter with a fastball thrown by Giants pitcher Matt Cain. This week's award goes to Mets third baseman David Wright.

Along with Daniel Murphy, Wright had been the only everyday player from the Mets' opening day lineup in Cincinnati who had not missed time due to injuries. However, he will now be missing an undisclosed number of games due to the concussion he suffered during Saturday's 5-4 loss to San Francisco.

Wright will remain at the Hospital For Special Surgery in Manhattan for further observation to determine the severity of the concussion. Fortunately, the CT scan did not reveal any other damage other than the concussion.

It is unfortunate that Matt Cain will not be making another appearance at Citi Field this season. However, Mets fans will always remember his name and are sure to voice their displeasure when he returns to New York in 2010. I hope either Johan Santana or Oliver Perez takes the mound on the day Cain pitches. Johan will surely defend Wright's name with a tight pitch and Ollie would just hit him and say it was his usual bout of wildness.

Get well soon, David. We at ZCB would like this to be the only time you're presented with the IPW Award so that you don't have to look like this when you accept it:

One more word of advice to Matt Cain. Watch yourself the next time you come to New York. A friend of ZCB (and fellow Mets blogger) by the name of Tanya might have a special welcoming party for you. You may end up being a future recipient of the Injured Player of The Week Award if she and her fellow Mets fans have their way with you. Be afraid, be very afraid.

Once again, get well soon, David. Our thoughts and prayers are with you for a quick and complete recovery!

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