Wednesday, August 26, 2009

It's A Mets Mets Mets Mets World Is On The Air!

Thank you! Thank you all! You're too kind! Thank you and welcome to the first blog for the recently renamed "It's A Mets Mets Mets Mets World".

We used to be called "Zombies and Comics and Bears...Oh My!", but the 2½ fans have spoken and they have been heard! The new title reflects a change in the format. After all, what do zombies have to do with the Mets, other than the fact that they walk like Luis Castillo?

Some of the regular features from ZCB will continue to be posted on IAM4W (That's the best abbreviation I can come up with for this site. If you have a better suggestion, please feel free to make them. Anything is better than IAM4W. It makes me sound like a George W. Bush supporter). Joey will also be returning to give us his bear's eye view of the Mets. These features will make their return:
  • Injured Player of The Week Award
  • Joey's Soapbox
  • Newsdesk
  • Mets Song Parodies
There will also be some new features as well. The comments from the readers will determine whether they become regular features or if they will be traded to some other site for a feature to be named later. These new features are:
  • Useless Stat of The Day
  • Sponsored By The Number ???
  • I Hate Joe Orsulak: Pond Scum of The Week
Hopefully, I can also persuade a fellow Mets blogger or two to submit guest blogs in the spirit of IAM4W. That will guarantee actual quality and give the site credibility, much like Keith Hernandez did to the Mets in 1983 and the opposite of what Joe Orsulak did to the Amazins in 1993.

That's all for now. I hope you enjoy the new direction and as always, please leave comments about anything that's on your mind, be they positive or negative. Any comments are better than no comments. Let's Go Mets!


Joe D. said...

Love the new name and look forward to some of Joey's zany Mets views!

Eli from Brooklyn said...

Looking forward! Keep em coming and good luck!