Friday, September 11, 2009

Remembering 9/11 With A Special Prayer

Studious Metsimus would like to wish the families of all the victims of the 9/11 attacks our prayers to comfort them and to let them know that they will never be forgotten.

In lieu of a Mets blog, we'd like our readers to share any thoughts they may have on what this day means to them and what they do to to honor the victims.

Here is a special poem that we have written for and dedicated to the families of the fallen. If any of those family members are reading this, know that you are always in our thoughts and prayers.

Stars above in the heavens
As we watch them from below
The innocent ones who left us
Before their time to go

Their lights will always shine bright
In the hearts and minds of us all
We will never give up fighting
We will rise up when we fall

In Pennsylvania and Washington
and New York, my hometown
We suffered a great tragedy
That threatened to keep us down

But we live in America
The greatest country of all
Where freedom is the reason
Our heads can stand up tall

We're proud for what we believe in
We'll stand up for our rights
For the police officers, the firefighters
The passengers on the flights

They left us far too early
But in the torch they passed
We'll carry it on for America
So our freedom will always last.

God bless the families of the heroes of 9/11. May their sacrifices never be forgotten. God bless America. May our flag always fly freely.

Fellow Mets fans, please put away your blue and orange for today and replace them with red, white and blue to honor our beloved country and all those who put their lives on the line to protect our colors.

Also, please remember to say a prayer for the fallen not only on 9/11 but every day. As Americans, it is our duty never to forget them. By remembering them, their light will always shine bright...


Anonymous said...

That was a very touching poem. And yes, it IS our duty, not just today but every day, to remember those who have fallen. God Bless America!!

Anonymous said...

Hard to believe its been 8 years already. Everyone who lost their lives that day will NEVER be forgotten. I LOVE this country and everything it stands for...


Vivian Gentry said...

That is an Amazing Poem!!! Those who fell are heroes and for all of the firemen,police officers, Mayor Rudy Guiliani and all New Yorkers and citizens of the USA- BE the face of adversity we all STOOD TALL and proud! God Bless America!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!