Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Stick A Knife In Reyes! He's Done!

It looks like Professor Reyes won't be conducting any seminars at Citi Field any time soon. According to numerous sources, including and MetsBlog, Jose Reyes has now torn his right hamstring, as revealed by an MRI on Wednesday, one day after Reyes felt discomfort after completing one of his running drills at the Long Island facility where he was training.

Since being placed on the disabled list in May with a torn hamstring tendon behind his right knee, Reyes has fought off getting surgery in a misguided attempt to play again in 2009. Now it looks like his next game might be for the Hospital For Special Surgery celebrity softball team.

Despite only being 26, this is already the third season in which Reyes has missed significant time due to a leg injury. Even Mr. Bill wasn't so brittle. Sure he might have occasionally been burnt to a crisp or run over by a speeding bus, but Mr. Bill never missed so much time so MANY times.

Next year, the Mets will have some thinking to do about the future of Jose Reyes. He will be entering the final year of his contract, although the club does hold an option for 2011. If he continues to fall apart like a papier-mache tent atop Mount Washington, the Mets might need to consider other options.

For now, their main concern should be getting Reyes' surgery performed as soon as possible. As Jose Reyes goes, so do the Mets and right now, they're not going anywhere.

Get well soon, Jose. We hope to see class in session at Reyes University for the spring semester!

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