Tuesday, September 29, 2009

New Jerseys For New York

In Bart Hubbuch's New York Post blog, it is being reported that the Mets are considering some significant changes to their uniforms for the 2010 season.

Gone will be the pinstripes, a staple of all Mets home jerseys since their inaugural season in 1962. In will be the cream-colored jerseys worn back in August, similar to the ones worn by David Wright when he went coocoo for Cocoa Puffs.

It is not yet known whether the blue NY will replace the script Mets logo that has been a part of the team's home uniforms since 1962. If it does replace it, it will be the most significant change to the Mets logo since 1993. In that memorable season, the Mets made a change to their font and added Felix Millan's mustache underneath the word "Mets".

The change in uniform clearly helped fan-favorite Anthony Young. He entered the record book with his 27 consecutive losses while wearing said jersey.

Studious Metsimus is all for change. We would like to see change in the front office, change in the trainer's room and change in Oliver Perez's address. However, we do NOT want to see the pinstripes go. If the Wilpons need more money, they can sell Oliver Perez on eBay. They can even throw in Felix Millan's mustache to sweeten the deal.

Pinstripes are the Mets. It was what they wore when they celebrated their 1969 World Series championship and what they wore in 1986 when Jesse Orosco sent his glove on a one-way ticket to the Heavens.

(By the way, for the SMFs who are trivia nuts, Bud Harrelson was the one who picked up the glove after Orosco flung it into the air. Watch your 1986 World Series DVD. When the team rushed the mound, Harrelson went around the pile of players on the left, is seen to bend over before going off camera, then returns with a glove in his hand that he did not have when he rushed the field. You learn something new every day!)

New York is getting New Jerseys. If the front office would put this much effort into getting New Results with New Players, perhaps the fans would have a New Reason to come out to New Shea.

Sigh. Felix Millan would be spinning in his grave if he wasn't still alive.

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