Friday, September 4, 2009

Phillies Happier About Mets Failures Than Their Own Successes

It's not enough for the Phillies to win a championship. They have to continue to shove it down the throats of Mets fans. I was looking for photos of Pedro Martinez in a Phillies jersey to include in a blog I was going to write about him and his great start for the city of Brotherly Hate. Instead I came across this website that sells their team merchandise. The page says that it's for Phillies World Series ring T-shirts. If you scan through the listings on the page, you'll find no such shirt, but you will find more shirts insulting the Mets and their fans than you'll find shirts praising the Phillies.

They even advertise the recent unassissted triple play turned by Eric Bruntlett against the Mets on a T-shirt, as seen on this link. They actually think a single play against a fourth-place team should be immortalized on a shirt. Do you think when they beat out the Marlins and the Braves for the division title this year, we'll be seeing shirts insulting them? No! It'll all be about the fact that they beat the Mets in the division.

If our fellow Mets fans were as classless as Phillies fans are, they would be proudly wearing T-shirts proclaiming the Phillies as the losingest team in baseball history or perhaps something featuring a design based on the photo shown here that Studious Metsimus fully approves:

I was just starting out as a baseball fan in 1980 when the Phillies won their only other championship. I don't recall any ill will or animosity towards the Mets then. The city reveled in their championship back then, as fans of any team should. The Mets won the World Series in 1986 and we celebrated our title without feeling the need to rub it in the noses of our competition.

I guess the Phillies and their fans are so accustomed to losing that even when they win, they have to be losers. The Mets and their fans will move on. We root for our team through good times and bad. The Phillies mean nothing to us.

The Phillies and their fans should stop focusing their attention on their rearview mirrors to look for the Mets and our fans. If they continue to do so, they might not notice what's on the road in front of them.


Anonymous said...

And let us hope that is the case Ed, and the Marlins kick them out of the playoffs in the very last series of the year. Then, we can open up a tshirt company, but make it for the marlins.. Marlins shirts immortalizing the Philthies flop.. Ahhh a girl can dream..

Anonymous said...

I'll take the high road with any team in the NL East. Just don't dare ask me to cheer for the Yankees!