Monday, April 19, 2010

Pelfrey And Davis Could Make A Sweet Promotion

The Mets took the first game of their four-game series against the Chicago Cubs tonight by the score of 6-1. Ike Davis performed well in his major league debut, going 2-for-4 with an RBI. Tomorrow, the Mets' team leader in wins AND saves, Mike Pelfrey, will take the mound. Davis is expected to play first base again.

Here's a quick note to the Mets Promotions Department. Instead of giving away ski caps in late April as you're doing this Friday night, why not take advantage of the opportunity to promote one of your top starting pitchers and your promising rookie at the same time?

Everyone likes giveaways. Many people like candy. No one remembers Mike and Ike candy. Whenever Mike Pelfrey pitches and Ike Davis plays first, the Mets should give away Mike and Ike candy to the first 25,000 fans.

It wouldn't be a very expensive giveaway, so the team could still afford to buy excuses instead of free agents this coming offseason. Kids of all ages would love the sweet candies and the Just Born candy company (makers of Mike and Ike) would get more exposure than they would ever get on their own. Everybody wins (even dentists would win from the extra money they'd make from parents bringing in their kids for all the cavities they're going to need filled.)

Mike Pelfrey and Ike Davis. Mike and Ike candy. The Mets should jump all over this one like fans are jumping all over Gary Matthews Jr. Speaking of Private Matthews (who's this close to "earning" an honorable discharge from the Mets Militia), perhaps the Mets can have a giveaway honoring the Sarge's Son. It would also be sponsored by a candy company. Anyone remember Garbage Pail Kids?

Don't forget to support the Mets during this long homestand. This will be a key stretch of games for the team and they'll need Mike Pelfrey and Ike Davis to continue to play well and for Gary Matthews, Jr. to stay on the bench. Forever.

Stay sweet, my friends.


Coop said...

Heh. It's been done. Hear of Strawberry Sundae night in 1984?

DyHrdMET said...

MetsBlog picked up a Mike & Ike photo yesterday but it wasn't yours.