Friday, October 9, 2009

Bad Calls And Missed Bases (Not Just A Mets Problem)

Here's one of my shorter blogs, but I couldn't help but notice something from tonight's Twins game at Yankee Stadium. Obviously, the Twins should have scored at least one run in the top of the 11th inning when the left field umpire missed seeing Joe Mauer's fly ball land in fair territory for what would have been a ground-rule double. Perhaps the ball tipping off Melky Cabrera's glove pushing it from being even more of a fair ball distracted the visually impaired ump.

I thought MLB added two extra umpires down the left field and right field lines to prevent bad calls like this from happening. Ah, but I digress.

Had Mauer been on second base like he should have, the Twins would have scored at least one run if the next two hitters had followed with hits like they did. Apparently, bad calls do not only plague the Mets. Welcome to our world, Twins fans!

Now, here are some other observations, both dealing with the game-ending home run by Mark Teixeira.

When a Met player hits a ball off the top of the left field wall in a postseason game at Yankee Stadium, it comes back and an out is recorded (see Game 1 of the 2000 World Series or just ask Todd Zeile or Timo Perez).

When Mark Teixeira hits a ball in a similar area of the new Yankee Pinball Machine, it hits the top of the wall, makes a right turn, doesn't use its turn signal (another thing missed by the umps and by the NYC Traffic Police) and bounces over the wall for a home run.

Speaking of Mark Teixeira, home plate just called. It's upset because you failed to include it in your end-of-game celebration. You see, Marky Mark hopped in front of it, landed a few inches short of the plate, then jumped into the arms of his Funky Bunch without touching it. Home plate felt none of the Good Vibrations.

Of course, if this had been a Met, you know what would have happened. Isn't that right, Mr. Church?

The Twins now know what it's like to feel the Mets' pain. There's one more thing that could link the Twins to the Mets. The Twins will be moving from the Metrodome to Target Field in 2010, meaning that if they lose either Game 3 or Game 4 to the Yankees, their last game in their old ballpark will result in a devastating loss, similar to when the Mets Shea'd Goodbye in 2008.

Here are some words of advice to the Twins and their fans. Eat all your vegetables, remember to stay hydrated and STOP LEAVING ALL THOSE MEN ON BASE! This blog would have been unnecessary had you not left 17 men on base against the Yankees and I could have gone to sleep in a less cranky mood!

Have a good weekend, SMFs. I know I'm not...

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