Friday, October 16, 2009

Kobe Bryant Is A Mets Fan, But Can He Play Left Field?

During tonight's telecast of Game 2 of the National League Championship Series between the Phillies and the Better Team, TBS reporter Craig Sager (dressed in a pink suit...perhaps he's a Yankee fan) reported that Kobe Bryant was in attendance at Dodger Stadium. Since Kobe is from Philadelphia but makes his home in Los Angeles, the natural question was asked whether he was rooting for the Phillies or the Better Team.

The surprise was not in Kobe's answer of the Dodgers. The real surprise was when Kobe revealed that he grew up as a Mets fan. That's right. Kobe Bean Bryant rooted for the Mets when he was just a bean sprout.

Sager and his pink suit reported that Kobe grew up idolizing Darryl Strawberry and claimed to have a Ron Darling baseball card. That's great to know. What Studious Metsimus would like to know is if he can pick it at first or if he can learn how to play the caroms off Citi Field's left field wall.

Unfortunately, Kobe would only be available from around mid-June to mid-October due to his duties with his current employer. Therefore, it would be imperative for the Mets to keep Daniel Murphy and Angel Pagan fresh for when Kobe would not be playing during the first few months of the season.

If he can't hit the curveball, maybe he could pitch. Scouts love tall pitchers, and Kobe definitely has the height. Of course, he'd have to learn how to throw the ball to the first baseman on comebackers to the mound. He can't be trying to beat the runner to first base every time just because he doesn't like getting rid of the ball once it's in his possession.

No current Met wears #8 or #24, his two preferred numbers. If Rickey Henderson got permission to wear #24 after it was taken out of circulation when Willie Mays retired, surely the Mets could accommodate Kobe.

Hey, Omar! When you go to the Winter Meetings in December, bring Kobe's cell phone number with you in case those trades and free agents don't pan out for you. Just one word of advice. Don't mention Shake Shack to him. He tends to get upset if he hears anything that sounds like the word "Shaq". Gracias!


Anonymous said...

the better team? ok then, the phillies r more cluch no question, just look @ game 4 of this yrs nlds. but this series will b tough, strange stuff with kobe, he's a mets fan, he'll obviously always b a lakers fan even after retirement, and an eagles fan. wat is up with that (a fan of the Eagles, Mets, Lakers) never heard of that combination

metsfan74 said...

Check out the " " account in instagram.