Wednesday, October 21, 2009

For Mets Fans, It's Like A Horror Movie That Never Ends

Well, SMFs. As of this writing, both the Phillies and the Yankees have 3-1 leads in their respective series. They are now both one win away from the World Series no Mets fan wanted to see. Although I still hold out hope for both the Dodgers and the Angels to come back in their series, I am willing to accept what might inevitably happen.

A Phillies-Yankees World Series would complete the Trilogy of Terror for the Mets. In 2007, the Mets suffered their epic collapse and watched the Phillies sneak up on them, eventually taking the NL East division title on the last day of the season. Like a horror movie, the events shocked us and served as a set-up for what was to come.

The 2008 season saw the Mets lose the division title to the Phillies during the last weekend of the season and watched the Brewers take the wild card on the final day of the regular season. Not only that, but this time, Mets fans were forced to watch the Phillies steamroll their way through the postseason to win their second World Series Championship in franchise history. All horror movie sequels have a higher body count and watching the Phillies win it all in 2008 certainly left many Mets fans gasping for air, especially those of us who had 2008 World Series tickets had the games been played at Shea Stadium.

It's time for the final act of the trilogy. This is where everything comes together. Now we're on the verge of a World Series between our crosstown rivals and our division rivals. No matter who wins, Mets fans will lose. Oh, yes. There will be blood. Unfortunately, it'll be ours as we watch our TV screens in horror.

Fortunately, trilogies always end after the third act. Perhaps in 2010, the Mets will be able to come back and erase the memory of the 2007-2009 seasons. Then again, sometimes after the first trilogy ends, a second one begins. Let's hope that isn't the case for the Mets. After all, there's no room for another Jar Jar Binks in Mets-ville.


matt said...

This isn't a trilogy, this is one of those All-IDs-Will-Be-Checked licks where zombies start taking bites out of people's arms and you think you might actually get sick because you drank too many beers in the parking lot and had some questionable nachos. Did that guy just get his nose chewed off. RAAAAAAAAALLLLPPPHHH!!!!

Ed Leyro (and Joey) said...

Mmmm...somehow your comment made me hungry for brains and Citi Field's chicken nachos all at the same time. Then again, it just may be that I've been blogging too much and need some sleep that I'm sure I won't be getting if the Phillies end up winning the World Series.