Thursday, October 15, 2009

Jose Reyes Is OK; My Colleague Is Not

Jose Reyes underwent successful surgery today in Dallas. The surgery to clean up scar tissue in his right leg, especially around his hamstring, was performed in Dallas by Dr. Daniel E. Cooper. Cooper serves as the Dallas Cowboys' team physician and is the foremost authority on surgical treatment of hamstring tendons.

Reyes is expected to resume baseball activities in January and should be ready to participate with the rest of the team when Spring Training begins in February.

While that is great news for the Mets, Studious Metsimus has its own problems right now.

As you can see from the photo above, my colleague has been placed on the disabled list. Apparently, injuries don't limit themselves to Mets players. My colleague had to take the company vehicle (also known as his mountain bike) to transport himself to the emergency room and is now on antibiotics.

Since he did not see the foremost authority on his ailment, his recovery time is not yet known. Studious Metsimus has not decided whether a guest blogger will be needed to fill in for my colleague while he is recovering. For now, I will be giving you all the Mets news and opinions you crave. As always, I will present these opinions in a serious manner so as not to embarrass my colleague. We all know that he has a reputation for straightforward reporting. Silliness and gimmicks are not for him.

Once he recovers, we will test him by setting up a race between him and Jose Reyes. This will be for the benefit of both Reyes and my colleague, as Reyes can test out his surgically repaired leg and my colleague can test out the company vehicle again.

The team behind the recent hot dog eating contest between Carlos Beltran and Takeru Kobayashi will also be called upon to arrange this competition. If and when this event happens, Studious Metsimus will certainly be first to let the SMFs know.

Get well soon, my colleague. After all, you have a race to prepare for. We certainly can't have you embarrassing us by backing out of this, can we?

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