Saturday, December 12, 2009

A December To Remember! Citi Field Tour Pics!

With oodles of thanks going out to Coop, these are some pictures from our Citi Field tour today. This tour was given to season ticket holders and I must say that they did a great job with it. From bringing out the 1969 and 1986 World Series trophies and allowing fans to take as many pics as they wanted with Mr. Met, to walking on the field and unsuccessfully calling the bullpen for a lefty, this was certainly a December to remember for this Mets blogger. Here are some pictures for your viewing enjoyment.

My Studious Metsimus colleague, Joey, was excited to get his first all-access tour of Citi Field. Too bad he missed the first few minutes because he was stuck in this tree.

This is in the production booth. This screen controls what goes up on the scoreboard. From kiss cam to birthday greetings to the tenth call to the bullpen, this is the place where it's all put on the scoreboard and CitiVision.

This is where Gary, Keith and Ron give us great joy during Mets telecasts, since the events taking place on the field surely don't give us any kind of joy.

This is the view from the media room. Non-bloggers get to sit here behind clear glass (bet you couldn't tell there was glass in front of the camera where this picture was taken) and watch the game in a beautiful air-conditioned environment. Where do bloggers get to sit?

We get to sit right here in the bloggers' room. Not the best view of Citi Field, but at least the floor tiles are lovely.

This is a room I had no idea existed. Although my colleague mistook it for a coffee break room, it's really an auditorium located just above the Jackie Robinson Rotunda.

We finally did what the majority of the people came to do. We got onto the field without being tackled by security! The warning track area is a very hard surface. I can't imagine making a diving catch on it without receiving many cuts and bruises. Then again, that's what the 15-day DL is for, even if it was overused this past season.

These are seats we'll never be able to afford on our Studious Metsimus salary. Then again, we can't even afford Shake Shack burgers on our Studious Metsimus salary. Someone has to talk to the boss about that one. What? I am the boss? Sometimes it sucks to work for the man.

It's Coop from My Summer Family sharing a tender moment with my colleague in the Mets dugout. I guess this is My Winter Family.

My colleague is waiting patiently for his turn at-bat. I hope David Wright's oversized helmet isn't the one they give him.

These are the indoor batting cages near the Mets clubhouse. This may teach them how to hit 95-MPH fastballs and biting curveballs, but can it teach them how to hit with less than two outs and a runner on third?

Here we have the Mets clubhouse. It needed expanding because of all the minor league players called up to replace the disabled regulars. After sitting in those couches, I can see myself being placed on the 15-day DL just so I can sit here during games. They're oh so comfy!

This is the game room directly across the hall from the clubhouse and training room. (Insert joke about Mets trainers here.) The tour guide told us that Nelson Figueroa introduced the team to Rock Band (see the drums near the big plasma TV). He also said that Figgy is the team's resident IT guy. If you need a computer fixed, Nelly Figs is the man. Studious Metsimus could not get a straight answer from the tour guide when asked about Figueroa's pool expertise. Perhaps this is something worth following up.

If you're wondering why the Joey half of the Studious Metsimus duo was the only one photographed, the answer is simple. Three words: Mickey Mouse Ears. You will never know what I mean by that, but if you did, you'd know why none of my photos from the Citi Field tour will ever see the light of day.


Greetings, SMFs! While my colleague is away, I decided to add a little something to his blog. It came to my attention that he was not going to share any of his pictures from the Citi Field tour with you. Shame on him for hiding them from you, our beloved readers.

Well, it so happens that I have found the main picture that caused him to become Ebenezer Scrooge. So Bah humbug to him! I'm going to share the infamous Mickey Mouse Ears picture that he wants no one to see.

Thanks to everyone for reading this blog and we hope to see you next year at Citi Field. Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas and send cake. (NOT fruit cake! BIG difference!) Enjoy the Mickey Mouse Ears picture of my colleague!

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