Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas From Studious Metsimus

From the staff at Studious Metsimus to all of you, we wish you and your families best wishes for a safe and healthy Christmas.

We hope you got all the toys you asked Santa for. If you asked for a dependable starting pitcher, Santa accidentally dropped those over Philadelphia and Boston while he was on the way to New York.

If you asked for Jason Bay, Santa left him behind at his workshop. His elves have texted him and he will be making a return trip to the North Pole to put Bay in his sack. However, his flight pattern is taking him over Boston again, so you never know if he'll "accidentally" drop him over Beantown again.

Something tells me Santa's been hitting the egg nog a little too much. I hope Omar sobers him up in time for him to make a Christmas delivery to Citi Field before it's too late!

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